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CNA Classes in Richmond VA

Certified nursing assistants, otherwise commonly known as CNAs, are some of the most important people in our health care system. Currently there are more medical procedures being provided on out patients in our health care system, certified nursing aides are becoming increasingly in demand. So if you are looking in to this field, it is important you know the best CNA classes online in Richmond VA.

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  • Specialization in Nurse Educator (MSN)
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  • AAS - Medical Assistant
  • DIP-Medical Assistant
  • AAS - Medical Office Administration
Locations: Richmond

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  • Medical Assisting - Associate
  • Practical Nursing - Diploma
  • Dental Assisting - Associate
  • And more...
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  • Medical Assisting, AS (Online)
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  • Diploma - Medical Assistant
  • Diploma - Dental Assistant
  • Diploma - Medical Administrative Assistant
Locations: Woodbridge

American Red Cross Classes in Richmond VA

The American Red Cross is known nation wide as the number one organization that offers services and shelter to people who have face tragedy. Knowing this, it is not surprising that the American Red Cross offers CNA Classes in Richmond VA. But what is even less surprising is that they offer one of the top classes available to take. The American Red Cross Certification in Richmond VA offers classes to students of all types and ages, provided they have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent degree. In order to take the Red Cross’s CNA Classes in Richmond VA, you will have to go through some basic exams to prove that you are in good health. After taking and completing your certified nursing aide course at the American Red Cross in Richmond, you will then be eligible to take the state certification test—a test that American Red Cross CNA graduates have done very well at as a whole. The main benefit of the American Red Cross’s certified nursing aide program, besides the advantage of achieving certification, is that the American Red Cross course costs much less than many college’s courses. For those who truly want to work in the health field but are not currently in the financial situation where college is a feasible option, this is a great choice that will allow you to still get the education you want and need to work in the VA health care system.

Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Nursing

The Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Nursing is one of the only schools in Virginia that specializes in CNA Classes in Richmond VA. The school courses adhere to the set 120 hour requirement, which means that you will get all of the training and class time you will need in order to attain the proper knowledge to work at your state certification. The Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Nursing offers a variety of courses for certified nursing aides, including a Bachelor’s program and a Master’s program. Because the school focuses solely on nursing, it offers one of the most comprehensive class courses available for those who want to become certified nursing aides. While training at the Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Nursing, you will get to work with live persons to perform a variety of nursing procedures, giving you the experience you’ll need to succeed in this ever growing field.

Fortis College

When it comes to the health field, most areas do not have many specialty schools to choose from, simply because they are so expensive. However for CNA Classes in Richmond VA, Fortis College is an affordable option for those who want the best certified nursing aide training available, but do not have too much money to spend on classes. Fortis College offers its students a unique opportunity in that not only does it have a campus, with live class rooms and lectures, but it also has an option for students to take courses online. While there are many certified nursing aide lessons that will need to be done in a live setting with a certified instructor/professor, when it comes to you finding CNA Classes in Richmond VA you will find few schools that are as flexible as Fortis College. Any classes that do not require live participation, or are not hands on lessons that will involve practical application, you can take online from your house. Of course, you do not have to opt out of any classes; you can take all of your certified nursing classes live at Fortis College. But the option of flexibility for lessons is what makes this college so appealing to many certified nursing aide students.

Petersberg High School CNA Course

CNA Classes in Richmond VA aren’t just offered by colleges or the American Red Cross; they are offered by many establishments. During the early months of the year, Petersberg High School offers very affordable certified nursing assistant classes for those who want to receive certification but do not have the money to spend on a college tuition. The classes are broken up over nights to make them more convenient for working students. All instructors are fully certified, which means that you will not have to worry about wasting money to receive an education that leaves you hanging out to dry when you attempt to apply at a hospital or an elderly home setting. The classes at Petersberg High School cost a total of $400, making them the most cost effective classes available. Through out the classes you will be able to work with real “patients” in order for you to learn how to do a number of things, such as draw blood or check heart rate. Just as with more expensive courses, you will have to complete the full 120 hour requisite to attain certification as a CNA. But even barring this aspect, when it comes to CNA Classes in Richmond VA, you aren’t going to find classes for less.