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A CNA program in Las Vegas will take you around six weeks to complete, on an average. However, there are provisions for accelerated programs as well in which you can take double the course load and complete the program in half of the time that is allotted to you.

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  • Specialization in Nurse Educator (MSN)

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  • Medical Assisting, AS (Online)
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  • AAS - Medical Assistant
  • DIP-Medical Assistant
  • AAS - Medical Office Administration
Locations: Richmond

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  • Medical Assisting - Associate
  • Practical Nursing - Diploma
  • Dental Assisting - Associate
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  • Diploma - Medical Assistant
  • Diploma - Dental Assistant
  • Diploma - Medical Administrative Assistant
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However do not expect admission procedures to be a breeze here. There are various stipulations for you to follow including a certain level of English proficiency, a minimum age requirement of 18 years, high school Diploma with a decent grade point average and a character certificate from the local Sherriff. After you submit all these admission documents, you shall be accepted and trained to appear in the final Nevada County CNA examination for the Certified Nursing Aide license that will enable you to work alongside doctors, medical technicians, and other people from the health care industry.

College of Southern Nevada – Las Vegas

There is a wonderful CNA program at the Open Level for you to pursue at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. The course schedule is around 75 hours, where you are supposed to learn subjects like CPR and the introduction, ethics in the hospital and compassionate behavior with the patient, hygiene and grooming of the patient, personal care and health care, basic of medicine, general wellness and other health care alternatives. After the theoretical requirements of the course are done with, you shall to perform a diligent externship at one of the several health care centers in the city and then answer the final examination.

The National Nurse Aide Competency Examination in the end has to be offered after the NCA course at the College of Southern Nevada is completed satisfactorily. The examination permit and availability of the examination is taken care of by the College, since it is affiliated to the Nursing Board of Nevada County.

It is thus, one of the best CNA classes online in Las Vegas you can enroll yourself in, for a satisfactory course conclusion in Certified Nursing Aide program.

Milan Institute – Las Vegas

There are two locations in Las Vegas where the Milan Institute offers you the Nurse Assistant Aide program – one at downtown Las Vegas and the other at Industrial Way, Sparks in the vicinity. Thus, you have two places to choose from, to attend the CNA classes in Milan Institute. Looking at the program description and the rigorous course schedule, Milan Institute is one of the best CNA classes in Las Vegas nicely suited to your end purpose of cracking the final State Government Nurse Aide Competency Examinations to get a practicing license.

The Institute offers you the regular 90 hours of coursework in the class room over a period of 5 weeks with 2 additional weeks required to indulge in practical experience in its own health care as an intern CNA, or send you to the Industrial Area to work as an extern in an industry. Either way, you will have to complete 52 hours of practical coaching to be considered for final evaluation and awarding the Diploma of Completion of the Course.

In Milan Institute, you have professional nurses and professors teaching you subjects like personal care procedures, practical service and ethics in the hospital, grooming and hygiene of the patient and the wards, basic human physique, sickness and general health, basic medicine and pharmaceutical knowledge, nutrition and what foods are proficient in what minerals and vitamins, etc.

The follow up is done with a rigorous practical training where the students are expected to serve actual patients at the Milan Health Care Institute too.

Carrington Institute – Boise, Las Vegas

While the Carrington Institute is not exactly situated at Las Vegas, it is one of the best CNA classes you can hope to find in the vicinity. Having an Associate Degree program in Nursing Aide Certification or the CNA, you are fully equipped to take in the final examination for Proficiency in Nursing Aide, as conducted by the State, after you complete the course schedule.

Carrington Institute is accredited to the Council of Nursing Aides and the Nursing Board in Nevada County, making your certificate valid wherever you go in search of employment. At the Institute, in 90 hours of course schedule spread over 5 months, you can hope to learn more about the theoretical aspects of nursing and its practical consequences and pressures of coping up. Right from the beginning, you are exposed to the ‘real environment’ where there are patients who need your attention. Thus, the Carrington Institute is one of the best CNA classes in Las Vegas that you can enroll in.

Purfect Nursing Services – Las Vegas

One of the most reputed centers in Las Vegas where you can take up CNA classes, the Nevada State Board of Nursing accredited Purfect Nursing Services is a wonderful Institute you can hope to enroll yourself in. There is a stringent 120 hour course layout wherein you have 50 hours of practical, 50 hours of class room time, and 20 hours of community service internship for practical experience. The affordable fee structure, qualified professionals who impart world-class education, and the job prospects you get after acquiring the license in the end makes the Purfect Nursing Services the best CNA classes in Las Vegas for you.

The Institute has managed to produce several nursing cadets in the past and is known to be one of the best CNA classes in Las Vegas you can enroll yourself in.